Turn OFF Norton Firewall Temporarily

Norton antivirus security is the name of the leading software in this digital world, and provides strong defense against various online threats like malware and viruses which are lurking on the devices to get monitory benefits. In this scenario, it has turned out to be a herculean task for the users to save personal data, identity, and devices because all these things are becoming more and more vulnerable to these attacks by cybercriminals or trespassers.  Norton Setup comes with the most sophisticated features to protect devices and personal information. In this post, we will discusses on how to turn on or turn off the Norton firewall so that this task do not fall in your way to protecting your devices or other valuables from these online predators.

The work of a firewall is to monitor the In-and-out traffic of your computer, and it protects your devices from external threats. If you turn off the firewall of your system, you cannot protect your devices from online threats that are ready to attack.  For a specific purpose, you can turn off the fire wall, after that it is turned on automatically.  Norton comes with many products that are enabled with firewall. One of the most prominent products is Norton 360 that is available on Norton.Com/Setup website. In some cases, it becomes necessary to disable this firewall in order to install the required program. Some of the business programs do not allow the firewall on and it should be turned off and later on it can be turned on.

To learn how to turn on or off the Norton firewall, here are the steps which users need to follow in order to complete this task:

  • The first step is to double click on “Open” of the Norton control panel. And then scroll down till you find and select “Disable Smart Firewall”, and then you will find the option to turn off the firewall.  You will be prompted to explain how long you want to disable the firewall.
  • The next step is to click on the “Settings” in order to open the settings window, and then it is advisable to click on “network” option to see the firewall settings.
  • Now, you will be prompted to click the “Smart Firewall” tab in the general setting option. And now move to the on/off, as per your need you can click on the “Off” option to turn off the firewall.
  • Thereafter, click on the “Apply” and later on “select the duration” of turning off the firewall, and then, you will be advised to drop down the list from the “security request” and window which is available to open.
  • Now, click on “OK” thereafter ‘close’ to complete the setting window. 

It becomes necessary to learn how to turn on or off Norton firewall so that this shield against online threats doesn’t turn into a stumbling block in your work. As some of the programs do not want an active firewall because it is not compatible. This post is going to be a good tutorial to fix this issue. If there is an issue that seems to be unsolved, you can coordinate with the technician who can fix it within a minute.

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How To Turn Off Norton Firewall Temporarily If Needed
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