Keep Smart Home Safe With Norton Against Online Threats

In this tech scenario, oodles of home appliances are available on the market that can make our life hassle-free and these things can be controlled by those devices which are connected by the internet. It is known as home automation so that no needs to make physical efforts to switch on or off these devices.  All these things convert ordinary homes into smart homes. If your home is incorporated with such kinds of things, your home comes on the list of smart homes. To make sure the security of homes Norton is the one that keeps smart home safe with Norton security.

By way of using home automation, one can save electricity or give commands before reaching home via one’s mobile easily. It is very easy to use for consumers. However, a few of the drawbacks have been brought into notice, like smart devices can be accessed by online threats if they are not protected by Norton Antivirus Setup, at this point, no need to give your second things except Norton that can provide smart home safe with Norton.

IoT (Internet Of Things) Vs Home Automation

Internet of things can be operated by the internet that can make our home smart home. In order to control Home appliances, the latest devices are used by using home automation techniques. So, our life can be easygoing.

What Is The Function Of Home Automation?

The core concept of home automation is done via a network of devices that are connected to the network via many communication protocols, like Bluetooth, Wi-fi, and many more. All these devices can be controlled remotely via devices like a mobile phone.

Benefits Of Home Automation:

By and large, people use home automation for three purposes like monitoring their home via apps while being away, because smart security camera is connected to their mobile, controlling their devices as well, lastly if an armed man tries to breach the security which is provided by you, alarming sire will go off.

The Components Of Home Automation System:

In order to get the best use of a home automation system; one has several options to use as a remote control, mobile application, voice assistant, control protocol, hubs, and many more.

Using Remote Control:

While being at home or short distance, people like to use remote control which can be operated either using a mobile application or via a voice assistant.

Using Mobile Application:

Mobile users use to control the smart device with the help of the mobile application for instance switch on or off of the smart bulb, smart TV, Smart doors, and many more. Mobile application is used to customize device settings, create scenes, etc. the good thing is this most of the devices are compatible with android and ios. So, they can operate at some distance.

Voice Assistants:

With the help of Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, our IoT device can be controlled with ease. Just need to speak it and it will be converted into command, and your work will be done.

Using Control Protocols:

Control protocols help to connect our IoT devices together via the internet. Some of us think that the protocol has only a common language but it is not in reality. It can be done in several languages including.


Wi-Fi is one of the renowned protocols used by people to connect the device to either control or monitor. The best part of this is that it does not need another hub to maintain. Make sure it can affect the speed of the internet if many devices are connected to it at the same time.


It is very similar to Z-wave. As we know that ZigBee is enabled with a mesh network along with universal language so IoT devices can be used to communicate.


Thread is not as effective as a wireless mesh network, and it is based on an Internet protocol address.


By using standard, the IoT devices can be connected to each other and it cloud.


Bluetooth is a part of the mesh technology which allows us to control and monitor IoT devices automatically.

Merits And Demerits Of Home Automation:

Everything has a dark or bright side of the thing, so before using home automation, one should consider both sides therefore one can maximum positive benefits of it. Here are a few of the merits and demerits of home automation.

Merits Of Home Automation: 

• Home automation can be controlled and monitored remotely by its users, but they need to use their mobile phones to open the doors, switch on the lights, and so on. It gives a full of convenience life to its users. Therefore, everyone likes to use this tech.

• Energy can be saved by up to 12% if you connect your home with modern technology. Thus it helps us to save energy.  

• In order to give protection to our homes, there are many devices that are available on the market as a smart home safe with Norton that can be controlled by the devices with ease. As we do not need to have a security guard at home.

Demerits Of Home Automation:


To use a smart device is not going to be a piece of cake due to its prices which are very expensive. Therefore many users try to avoid using such devices.    

Security Issues: 

The main purpose of having the smart devices is to connect with the internet so that they can be controlled remotely, if they are not protected by antivirus, they can be compromised by evil doers with ease. By applying security services like Norton, your smart home safe with Norton.

Using New Technology: 

Every now and then, IoT devices are rolled by the prominent companies on the market. In case using new devices, they may be enabled with the bug that will create a problem to connect with your mobile or remote.         

Give Security To Your Smart Home With Norton

The smart devices which are connected to the internet need to be secured, smart home safe with Norton that’s why online criminals cannot access those devices, here are a few tips that will help you to keep the lurking eyes away from online criminals.  

Secure Router:  

A router that is used for home automation must be from a trusted company, like NETGEAR, TP-Link, and Linksys. The users must avoid using that router that is provided by the internet service provider.  

Change Your Router Name:

This is going to be the first step to protect your devices is to change your router name, and do not stick with that name that is associated with the manufacturer name. In addition, while keeping your router name which should not be easy to be accessed by others.   

Read Privacy Policy Carefully: 

The internet users must read the privacy policy carefully which seems to be tedious and time-consuming so that they must come to know about the ifs and buts of its data which should not be provided to third parties. 

Using Complex Password: 

To avoid facing any untoward situation which is created by online threats, one must use a complex password that cannot be accessed nor can be decrypted by an unauthorized person. 

To Use Two Way Authentications:

It is one of the most secure ways to provide security to your home automation. As you log in you will be sent a code either on your mobile or on an email address, as you provide it then you can log in. this process allows keeping online attacks away from your device. 

VPN (Virtual Private Network):

Our day-to-day life activity depends on gadgets or mobile which are used a lot to do shopping, buy ticked, make online payments, and so on. Norton creates a mask between your device and online threats, and it gives freedom to the users to use public Wi-Fi.   

Using Firewall: 

A firewall is the amazing feature of Norton antivirus software that can protect your home apply to block unsolicited and unwanted incoming network traffic. So that malicious traffic cannot infect your device. Smart home safe with Norton against online threats is the only way of protection.

In the present scenario, our homes are equipped with smart devices which need to be protected from malicious attacks therefore smart homes safe with Norton is one of the best available.

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Keep Smart Home Safe With Norton Against Online Threats
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