How To Protect Against GPS Spoofing By Using Norton

GPS stands for global positioning system which is used in full swing in this tech era, is run by safelight. As its name suggests us in order to find the location of an object, therefore, this technology is used in many devices. The benefits of this technology are beyond our imagination. As a matter of fact, every invention of science has pros and cons, in the same way, a few of the flaws are noticed by a bad master who gives the support of one idiom “science a good servant but a bad master” it means GPS can be used in another way which is known as GPS Spoofing. In order to protect against GPS spoofing from the prying eyes, you can utilize this link and there, you will find massive information regarding this issue.

What Is GPS Spoofing?

GPS spoofing is recognized as a trick that is used by cyber criminals to change the signals, directions, location, etc of the device. Once it is compromised by cybercriminals, the navigation system gets failed completely.

Why Is GPS Spoofing Utilized By Cyber Criminals?

As we know that GPS technology is used in commercial and science ambit at large scale, but the well-known work of this tech can be changed by hackers, by using jammer technology which can block the signals, moreover, it can also create hindrance in communication. Seeing the misuse of jammer technology is going to be a threat and it becomes urgent to give security to those devices, which are enabled with it. GPS spoofing permits online criminals to access your device without letting operators know, and this activity makes the business vulnerable, in order to provide information in-depth, the most affected business are given below:

Shipping Companies Are Worst Affected:

Transport business depends upon GPS technology whether it is done by surface, air, and sea.  GPS-based technology is used by ships or cargo to ferry freight from one country or another country, there nobody is there to help you regarding navigation except GPS. If it is high jacked, the cargo will be reached somewhere which is a favorite place for the robbers who will rob all the commodities with ease. On the surface, it is not possible for the lorry drivers to remember all the roads to go from one city to another city, therefore, they used GPS, Hackers can take that truck to the desired place thus they can rob it easily.

Using A Lot In Transportation:

One license is enough to drive taxis entire the country, but it does not seem to be a piece of cake for the drivers to be aware of all the ways. To get to know all the ways, GPS is used by the cab drivers a lot. But GPS spoofing is used by criminals, who make the way easier to loot the passengers or drivers. Criminals find the loophole in this technology to get the best out of it.

GPS spoofing works as a catalyst for business as well as common people as well. If you are on a trip to the coastal area and want to enjoy a boat ride, as we know that boats are enabled with GPS technology, while pirates can high jack it by using GPS Spoofing can take control of it the way they want.

In a nutshell, it can be said that it is a vulnerable device.

How To Combat Against GPS Spoofing?

In order to save the business from hackers if you use GPS-based navigation which can be compromised easily by cybercriminals. Many types of equipment are available on the market which can protect against GPS spoofing with ease like an antenna that must be used from the eyes of the hacker is known as a decoy antenna.  One of the most eminent companies is rugulus cyber which has developed detection software that can keep GPS spoofing at arm’s length.

Norton antivirus is seen as an ideal way to combat protect against GPS spoofing that can keep cybercriminals at arm’s length. But the question arises why most people look up to Norton antivirus because of its features like real-time protection, password manager, two-way firewall, two-way authentication, and so on.

To protect against GPS Spoofing is necessary for the users otherwise there will be a great loss in business. Therefore, Norton’s antivirus is used a lot to protect against GPS spoofing.

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How To Protect Against GPS Spoofing By Using Norton
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