Norton Security Premium

Norton security premium was revamped along with the rest of the services in April this year. However, it still iterates on the version that came before the overhaul. Technically, it has the same features and uses the same algorithm. The software does come with a new look at the suiteā€™s basic performance though. The Norton security premium costs GBP 55 for new users as the sale price but the standard yearly cost for this package is GBP 110 per year. Norton.Com/Setup is the dedicated website from where this can be downloaded, it hardly takes couple of minutes.


The best part of Norton security premium is that once it is installed, it goes about doing its job and you will not even notice it. The software keeps working in the background without disturbing the user with unwanted pop-ups and alerts. This feature lacks in the Norton security standard and deluxe. The minimal interruptions Norton Setup certainly do not mean that the user will not be kept onboard with the status of his/her device. All the extremely important updates are given to the user in the form of pop-ups. For the less important updates, the users can refer to the history tab on the software interface that is available in a searchable format.

Norton Security Premium

LifeLock Identity Protection

The Norton security premium package also includes the LifeLock identity protection feature that keeps a check for identity theft and threats. The feature alerts the users in case their social security number, name, address or even date of birth is used in any credit or other services. This feature was included in the premium package in 2016 as the percentage of identity thefts rose. Identity protection is not available in standard and deluxe packages. You have to Install Norton without these but you can definitely buy them separately later.

Power Eraser

Another very interesting feature added to the Norton security premium is the power eraser. This feature deletes the stubborn threats that cannot be tackled by basic malware protection. The power eraser works in combination with the Norton insight that assesses the files in your personal computer and determines the ones that need to be monitored on a regular basis. All this can be viewed in a diagnostic report as well.


  • Has a LifeLock identity feature that takes protection up a notch.
  • Has VPN support for 10 devices.
  • Simple and easy to understand interface.


  • As compared to premium suites of other software, the number of added features is not as many.

Final Verdict

The premium suite does an amazing job when it comes to protecting your PCs. The software is designed to run quietly at the back and has a number of protection capabilities. It is ideal for someone who wants a large number of devices protected.

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Norton Security Premium Full UK Review with Pros and Cons
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