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It is high time to protect devices against online attacks which are used by bad actors in order to access your devices and their available data with the intention to get monetary benefits.  It forces tech-users to prevent their devices from online invasion which is only possible if devices are protected by the antivirus security software, that is why, oodles of antivirus software are available on the market, but the Norton Versus Bitdefender antivirus is the leading antiviruses, are used by millions of their subscribers across the globe.  Both antiviruses are enabled with the latest technology and try to give an edge over each other. Therefore, it has been necessary for the tech-users to get to know about it in detail. This post is incorporated with enough information is dedicated to Norton Versus Bitdefender antivirus that will help you pick the better one accordingly. While comparing in between Norton Versus Bitdefender antivirus, a few things must be kept in mind, including price packages, features, user-friendliness, protection, and its customers.

Features Of Norton Antivirus

Being one of the oldest antiviruses in the world, it has millions of its users across the world. The features of Norton Antivirus Setup are robust enough to provide invincible security to the devices. In order to provide an idea in a nutshell, here are a few of the prominent features.

With the aim to provide convenience to its users, Norton antivirus comes with four plans, including Norton antivirus plus, Norton 360 standard, Norton 360 deluxe three devices, and Norton 360 deluxe. According to their requirements, one can choose any one of them. A few of the core features are associated with all of them, but a few prominent features end up on the list here.   Each plan of Norton antivirus is enabled with technology like cloud storage for backups, password manager, VPN, Personal identity protection, multi-layer ransomware protection, firewall, etc that can provide security against a full set of malware, spyware, ransomware, and other sorts of a virus with ease.  But a few of its packages are a bit more expensive than you might think but it is useful too.

Features Of Bitdefender Antivirus

Like another antivirus, Bitdefender has three plans, Total Security, internet security, and antivirus plus. The prominent features of Bitdefender are anti-fraud, ant-phishing, vulnerability assessment, advanced threat defense, network threat prevention, complete and real-time data protection, multi-layer ransomware protection, and many more. All types of devices can be protected by this antivirus.

Price Comparison Of Norton Versus Bitdefender Antivirus

Norton Antivirus Software:

The price of Norton antivirus varies from plan to plan. Norton antivirus plus is available at the cost of $1.67 monthly, if you go for a one-year subscription, its cost will be around $50. It is dedicated to protecting against malware, integrated firewall, password, and it is only for one PC or Mac.  Norton 360 standard and Norton 360 deluxe price a bit more expensive than Norton antivirus plus which may be between 3.33 and $4.17 each month, the features are increased like dark web monitoring, webcam protection, 10 GB cloud storage, and VPN access included. Norton 360 Deluxe with Lifelock which has 100 GB cloud storage backup, identity theft protection, and all those features that can be found in other plans of Norton antivirus security. The price of this plan is around $8.33 monthly.

Bitdefender Antivirus Software:

All four packages of Bitdefender have different prices. The antivirus plus cost will be around $30 per year which is applicable for five devices. Bitdefender internet security is applicable for three PCs and its price will be 2.67 monthly. The features of this software vary from plan to plan.

User Friendliness

Norton Versus Bitdefender antivirus are having an easy interface which does not create any sort of difficulty for its subscribers. That is why both antiviruses are user-friendly.  A few of the Bitdefender users make complain about the installation process which seems to be a bit hard for them, while installing this software, they have to go through a lot of information which seems to be boring. On the other hand, Norton antivirus has an easy interface as well as an installation process.


The protection of devices is one of the most important aims of subscribing to any antivirus. If the antivirus is unable to provide security to the devices, it becomes pointless to subscribe to it. In terms of the security of the devices, Bitdefender antivirus is not as effective as Norton antivirus software.

The Comparison between Norton Versus Bitdefender antivirus gives an idea to its subscribers to choose according to their needs, but Norton is given an edge over Bitdefender due to its cutting edge technology. That is why it has more subscribers as compared to Bitdefender. But Norton antivirus is more expensive than Bitdefender. However, people give preference to it. 

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Analysis Of Norton Versus Bitdefender Antivirus Software
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