Norton Secure VPN

With the advent of internet along with sophisticated technology, outlook of the tech users also have changed.  Most of the tech users look the bright side of the available technology, but some of the people start thinking how to misuse this technology by way cheating innocent people. For the purposing of tightening the noose against the tech users who are indulging in illegal activities, many tech companies have decided to launch antivirus. Norton is one of the most trusted companies providing Norton Secure VPN that creates a virtual wall to save your all information.

Why Do You Need Norton Secure VPN?

As its name stands for Virtual Private Network (VPN).  It is a wonder feature of Norton secure antivirus which can keep an eavesdropper check on your online activities. Thus, the online privacy and anonymity of tech users cannot be breached by using a private network from a public internet connection. So, Norton Secure VPN works as a mask on your device, thus your internet protocol (IP) becomes untraceable.  It can save data from most of your equipments which are used by you.

Norton Secure VPN comes with many plans which are based on price and duration. It offers both kinds of plan monthly and annually along with discounts    to allure tech users. Other type of plan depends on number of devices like one, five or 10.  Five is one of the most common plans which are picked by tech users, that is included in a subscription.  Before going further, users of the Norton antivirus must go through all the plans, the reason of explaining, plans are changed yearly, Norton software company comes with latest version every year in order to match pace with the technology.

Norton Secure VPN

Silent Features

  • Norton Secure VPN is known for it’s the fastest VPN globally.
  • It can be downloaded instantly from Norton.Com/Setup website.
  • Norton comes with its server in all continents and in 28 countries.
  • Offers flexibility in amount depends on number of devices.
  • Norton does not carry any kind of logs policy and neither does track anything, tech users do online.
  • An affordable price in comparison to its competitors.


  • Norton Secure VPN does not have a top notch security as compare to its competitors.  It does not permit its users to down load torrents (p2p) on its servers.
  • Very strict regarding prices.
  • Lagging in advanced encryption standard (AES) for not using AES256 which is better than AES-128.
  • Kill switch is not available.

Norton Secure VPN is one of the leading software provider companies in this modern tech arena.  All the top notch features are found in it which is far better than its competitors.  Only one point needs to be updated like its AES -256. In a nutshell, it can be an ideal choice for the tech users to save their all information from being stolen.

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How Norton Secure VPN Can Help Protecting Online Privacy
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