Norton Password Manager

Norton antivirus software, the name of one of the most trusted companies which is giving an edge over its competitors due to its state-of-the art technology.  It comes bundled with Norton Security Setup and enhances it features that are second to none in terms of its Functionality. But the utility of the Norton Password Manager has been remarkable for the users. Users find it really tough to create and remember multifaceted passwords that are required by numerous online accounts.

Most of the users writes passwords on a piece of paper so that they do not forget them. For keeping online security in mind, strong password becomes necessary to create for avoid being scammed or victims of fraudulent. In order to overcome such thing, Norton Password Manager has been a leading tool that enables users to create multifaceted passwords and help them stock up in their own encrypted cloud based vault. With the help of your own created vault, it becomes so easy to have your passwords on your fingertips.

Norton Password Manager Features

Norton Password Manager helps you access your all provided online information like your password, your personal information. At the time of doing online activities, you never forget a user name and password. The synchronization between different browsers can enabled when you Install Norton Security and mobile devices are maintained by password manager. It protects your all online information and comes the following features that can be so handy to use.

Norton Password Manager
  • Your Vault password cannot be changed from your mobile device. If you want to unlock your vault password, as a first step, unlock your vault window, and then type your vault password, and tap open vault.
  • Norton Password Manager has safety dashboard feature at that display the health of the logins and passwords available in the cloud vault.
  • Go to window and tap click on file, then import password and select browser you like to import your online credentials from dashlance will be ready to display you a list of the entire available password in your browser.
  • Go to select one which you like the most, now click on import and your selected password will be downloaded automatically and will be added to dash line.

It offers you an opportunity to generate a cloud vault for saving your Norton Password Manager data. Each Norton account gives right to generate one cloud vault. It is not possible to generate an updated local cloud vault just by visiting Norton.Com/Setup web portal. Unless Norton product is upgraded, it is not an easy to move from local vault data to cloud vault. Now, if you want to move to users data from local vault to cloud vault and after that the data which is accessible in user’s local vault can’t be breached. Cloud vault gives an immense security to the tech-users when they are on the move.

It is a leading-edge feature which comes free with Norton antivirus software company. Norton Password Manager offers you hold your all online credential, so that the risk of your losing credential can be minimized with ease. Password manager has been one of the most like features among users.

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Why You Must Have Norton Password Manager Utility Enabled
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