Norton Parental Control

After doing a lot of research and surveys, Norton becomes a leading company which comes with sophisticated software feature like parental control. One can avail the benefits of Norton Parental Control in two plans, one, Norton 360 deluxe with three devices and second, Norton 360 with 5 devices at different prices from Norton.Com/Setup. If someone opts it for long period, it becomes cheap. By way of subscribing any one of the plan, they can keep an eye on their children’s web browsing activities.

In present scenario, to have access to any cutting-edge technology is no longer elusive. Throw money and have it. All these state-of-art gadgets and devices are the wonderful gifts of the science. But master is always bad, in the sense of master; this article is going to educate you about users of Norton Parental Control. While all the users are not bad masters, teen-agers are targeted by hackers and cybercriminals with ease and have no idea how to keep away from hackers, cybercriminals. Master word is dedicated to hackers and eavesdroppers.

Norton Parental Control is a name of wonderful software which helps parents to keep a close watch over their children by restraining their web use while being away from them.

Norton Parental Control

Features of Norton Parental Control

Norton family is always devoted to supervise and manage kids’ web activities. In this present era, hyper-connected kids need to be monitored all the time. Norton Parental Control keeps in touch with parents by way of sending mail or having discussion on telephone. It has wonderful tools with amazing features.

Supervise time: in order to keep a close check on internet habits, screen time must be regulated by parents. Only a few hours in a day should be reserved to have exposure to the internet. As allotted time gets over, devices must be locked itself.

Keep A Check On Web Browsing

To monitor your kid’s activities on android, iPad, iPhone is very easy for parents; they can check the history and can block content and websites which they should not surf. But to control web-monitoring on PC is only possible with Norton 360. All those websites which parents find inappropriate for their children can be blocked in one say. Thus all sorts of web activities can be monitored.

Instant Reply From Norton Family

If your kids try to visit blocked websites or content, Norton Parental Control will send you mail as quick as possible. They will up-date as well as alarm you regarding online bad habits.

Downside of Norton Family

  • Social media tracking is not up to the mark.
  • It is not compatible with Mac.
  • iOS is not as good as other operating system.

Norton Parental Control has been a great choice for parents to keep an eye on their kid’s cyber activities. Though, kids use Wi-Fi at home or on the go is always under its monitor. With the Norton family, bad internet habits can curbed with ease.

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How Norton Parental Control Can Help You To Monitor Kids
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