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Quarantine is the process to isolate the infected item or file from others. The main purpose of quarantine items is to break the chain of infection so that other files of the system should not be infected. If you find an infected item but are not recognized by Norton antivirus software, under this circumstance, you are left with no other choice except quarantine the infected item manually. If you find the magnitude of infection is not serious and carries low risk, under this situation, you can restore an infected item. Make sure Norton has nothing to do with that item in terms of repairing, but the restored item can be disinfected by Activate Norton Setup during the scanning. The complete information with regard to Norton deal with quarantine files can be found in this post. In order to deal Here are a few steps that are dedicated to helping you restore an infected item or file from quarantine.

Learn How To Restore Item From Quarantine

1. At first, you will be in the main window of Norton, and you will find device security, and next to it, you will click “open”.

2. After that, you will make double-click on “security” after that click on “history”.  

3. Now, you will access the security history window, in the show, scroll down the list, after that, you will select the “quarantine” category.    

4. After that you are supposed to select an item that you will like to restore

5. You will access the details pane, now click on the “option”.

6. After that you will move to the threat detected window, under this window, you will have two options to click either restore or exclude an item.  

7. Click on “yes” in case of choosing restore in the “quarantine restore” window. 

8. After that you will browse for folder and then pick the drive for restoring an item thereafter tap on” ok”.

After completing the above steps, you will be able to restore items from quarantine, but before that do a job, scan your files. Norton deal with quarantine files so that not a single virus will harm your system.

File That Was Quarantined By Norton Mistakenly

Norton is one of the most promising antiviruses in the world which is dedicated to keeping the virus at bay from your system. Sometimes, Norton quarantines a file by mistake, but it can be restored at its original location and can be avoided from being scanned in the future.

Norton Deal With Quarantine Files Can Be Restored

The file which is in quarantine can be restored only when you are sure that it is safe for your system as well as other files.  Anyhow, those files are not protected then click on Norton deal with quarantine files and you can restore them after the scan. Here are a few steps to restore a file from quarantine.

1. First of all, you must move to the My Norton window of your system which is located next to the device, and click “open.”

2. You will find security to click in the Norton main window.

3. When you visit the security history window, you will scroll down and select “quarantine.”

4. In the next step, you must select the file which you want to restore. 

5. Now, you reach the details pane, tap “options.”

6. After this step, you will move to the threat detected window, tap on “restore& exclude this file.”

7. After that, you will access the quarantine restore window, and there you will find “yes” to click.

8. As a final step, you must select either the folder or drive and there you will like to restore the file after that click “ok”.

An Item Can Be Quarantined Manually

1. Access to my Norton Window, click on “open”.

2. After that, you will reach the main window of Norton, make double-click on security, later on, click “history”.

3. You will go to the security history window, you will scroll down in the show, and you will select the quarantine category. 

4. Now, you will click to add to quarantine. 

5. As a last resort, you will go to the manual quarantine window to add an item.

If a file or item is infected due to the virus, it is one of the best options to quarantine it and send it for isolation so that other files or data of the system will not be infected. If Norton deal with quarantine files, they can be restored easily. In case of having trouble quarantining or restoring the file, you can get customer support remotely and they will give you technical support.

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