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Today, in order to make the best of nearly every device internet, is the primary prerequisite. The plethora of devices that are connected to the internet if they are not protected against the rootkit virus, can be attacked with ease that can give easy access to the online predators to earn monetary benefits. Thousands of device users have been victims of rootkit so far. In order to give security to the device and data, the device users have to find antivirus for their devices. There are many antiviruses on the market, like Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc. but Norton antivirus against rootkit is the most trustworthy one because it is enabled with the latest technology. However, Install Norton Antivirus, users of Norton encounter many issues if you are one of them, you can utilize this link and there you can find the solution to your problem in no time.

What Is Rootkit?

Rootkits are the name of viruses that can cause damage to your computers or devices in order to steal valuable information.  Rootkit, akin to malware, is designed to steal your personal as well as professional credentials whereas it remains camouflaged; moreover, it has a number of tools that can help hackers.

How Do Rootkits Enter On Your Computers Or Devices?

As soon as you click on malicious websites or phishing link which comes via email, it is downloaded on your computer readily. Actually, it is a virus on your system.

Types Of Rootkits At A Glance:

Rootkits are available in many forms which create a problem for the tech-users to identify them, and a few of the infamous Rootkits are given below.

Hardware Or Firmware Rootkit:

This sort of rootkit can infect either the hard drive or system BIOS of your computer. As we know that software is downloaded on a small memory chip in your system’s motherboard moreover it can infect the router as well. Rootkits can be used to intercept the data which is written on the disk.

Bootloader Rootkit:

A bootloader is an important tool for your system. It is loaded on the operating system of your computer as soon as you turn it on. A bootloader rootkit, one of many variants of rootkit virus, attacks your system; it replaces your computers’ legitimate bootloaders with compromised ones. Thus, the rootkit is activated on your system before you load your systems’ operating system.

Memory Rootkit:

Memory rootkit finds its place in a computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory). Such kind of virus performs detrimental activities in the background of your system. One factor that goes in your system’s favor is the short life of this virus. As soon as you reboot your system, the memory rootkit gets disappeared from your system, though sometimes you need to make extra effort to do away with this virus.

Kernel Mode Rootkits:

A kernel-mode rootkit is one of the most dangerous types of rootkit viruses that can compromise your device by changing the code of your operating system. According to hackers’ planning, they can add their own coding. Once they get succeeded to temper the coding of your device, they can access your device remotely with a view to getting personal credentials.

Application Rootkit:

The work of the application rootkit is to replace standard files with rootkit files. As a matter of fact, our computer is enabled with many sorts of standard files like paint, notepad, word which we use very often. Since we open them frequently, we give an opportunity to the hackers to access our devices. The difficulty which is faced by the users is that it cannot be detected by the device users as you notice nothing unusual while you run them.

By knowing the type of rootkit virus, it has been necessary to know about their detection which can keep your system at bay from online criminals.

How To Protect Your System Against Rootkit?

There are many ways to protect your system against rootkit.

1. Avoid Downloading From Pirate Sites:

In today’s scenario, which is known as tech-era, we cannot help using modern tech. there are many websites that are known as pirate websites that contain malware viruses, as soon as you click on them, the virus is activated on your system per se. but the question arises of how to protect the system from such kinds of pirate sites. Either you use Norton antivirus which has real-time malware protection or you can avoid using from pirate sites.

2. Keep Your Computer Updated:

Most of the users feel irritated when it comes to updating computer applications. Whenever you find any sort of update message, do not ignore it. It is recommended you update your operating system, antivirus software, and applications which have been downloaded on your system. It is known as one of the most eminent ways to protect your device from the rootkit.

3. Using Ant-Phishing Protection:

Both Phishing sites and malicious websites are tools that are used by online criminals. With one click on these links, it is activated on the device. In order to protect against a rootkit, using Norton antivirus against rootkit is the best option under the program Norton 360 which has outstanding web protection.

4. File Sent By Strangers, Do Not Download:

 It is a common strategy adopted by hackers, so whenever you find suspicious links or attachments, either should be deleted from your system at once or avoid opening them.

Why Is Norton 360 Program Robust Enough Against Rootkit Virus?

If you want to keep your system protected from the attack of rootkit, Norton 360 program is incorporated with all the features, like automatic back-ups, automatic silent updates, smart firewall, real-time threat protection, app download security check, and so on that can provide invincible security to your device with ease.

Norton antivirus against rootkit is used by millions of professionals and non-professional and they are quite satisfied and happy with its protection.

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How Does Norton Antivirus Protect Against Rootkit Virus?
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