Norton Antivirus Prevents Your Devices From Botnet

Norton is a robust antivirus that can protect devices as well as the internet of things against threat actors who want to infect devices remotely using the tricks of Botnet or installing virus-like malware. The main purpose of attacking devices is to collect the information as well as control devices remotely the way they want, which can be used to get monetary benefits. Recently, Botnet has come into the limelight which is used by hackers to compromise a large number of devices at the same time and they can control them remotely as well. Most of the organizations, together with individual devices, are the most suffered by it. The attack of the Botnet forces people to use antivirus. On the market, plenty of antiviruses, like McAfee, Avast, Kaspersky, and Norton antivirus prevents your devices from Botnet successfully. Install Norton Antivirus that protects your device not only against botnet but also from any time of malware attack along with real-time protection.

What Is Botnet?

A botnet is a unification of two words Bot and Net, Bot is taken from robot and net from the network. This is why botnet is used to compromise all the devices which are connected to the network by installing Malware viruses. Infected devices are known as a bot, and hijackers who compromise them are known as Bot Herder, control them remotely.

How Is Botnet Exploited?

Once the device is controlled by the nefarious person who will send millions of fake e-emails or malicious links thus traffic gets busy, thus device owner cannot perform their task. Here are a few tasks done by botnet on devices are given below.

• Pop-ups Ads are installed by attackers cannot be deleted unless you pay for their removal via a phony spyware package. 

• Heavy traffic will give you a denial to access your website. 

• Fake traffic is generated on a third-party website to get financial benefits. 

• The removal of banner ads on a targeted website. 

• Spam emails are flooded on websites that force them to shut it down.

What Is The Botnet Architecture?

The core concept of a botnet is to reduce the chance of being tracked. Using botnet can infect the desired number of devices thus; bot herder can take control of the bots executing two different approaches.

Client-Server Model:

The client-server model is the process of communication between computers or their associated devices which is used for designated tasks, like network printing, surfing on other devices, sending emails, etc which is done via network. Before compromising the device, if the command is given by the device owner to the bot, it makes bots silent and waits for the command from the C&C server. After compromising the command, if bot herders give the command to the server, it goes to the client directly while the command provided by clients goes to the bot herders with the findings.

The P2P Botnet:

The P2P approach is one of the modern tricks, which is used instead of using c & c servers. It is based on a decentralized approach and helps peer-to-peer networks, it is a fact that bots are topologically interconnected and work as both clients and C & C servers. The P2P Botnet is used by hackers to avoid being tracked. The working of the Botnet is seamless which works as it is not controlled by someone because corrupted devices scan for malicious links or websites as normal.

Prominent Attacks Of Botnet

Here are a few of the prominent attack of the botnet which was used to steal data of the companies to get financial benefits, are provided below:


Mariposa came into the limelight in 2009 committed by a botnet to steal financial credentials from the victims’ systems that can be sold to the Dark Web.


Zeus was executed in the US in July 2007 to steal data from the United States Department of Transportation. It is also used to access the security of the banks as well.


Mirai was used to targets online consumer devices so that it can disrupt DDoS attacks. Moreover, it is also associated with the internet of things as well.


The first time, the storm appeared was in 2000, which was the first P2P botnet attack and it has infected more than one million devices.

How To Protect Devices From Botnet Attacks?

It has been necessary for the device owners to keep the Botnet attacks at bay. Here are a few of the tips that can help you out to close the doors for the Botnet attacks.

• Must be aware of the phishing attacks and are advised not to click on unauthorized links or attachments. 

• Install antivirus that must be robust can protect against viruses that are on the door with many names, like spyware, malware, etc. 

• Operating system must be updated at regular intervals. 

• To use the technology that must be enabled with multi-factor verification as well as DDoS protection. 

• By way of following these tricks you can nullify the attack of a botnet with ease. 

Norton Antivirus Prevents Your Devices From Botnet

Norton antivirus is enabled with cutting-edge features that can make the attack of botnet futile easily which is why millions of people show their inclination towards it. Norton antivirus prevents your devices from botnet that’s why antivirus security software has many features and a few of the assorted ones are given here, including password, identity protection, firewall, real-time threat protection, secure VPN, anti-spyware and malware protection, safe cam for PC.

Norton antivirus prevents your devices from botnet attack easily therefore millions of its users start showing their faith in it. If you need more information regarding botnet protection, you can virtually support from experts who will help you.    

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Norton Antivirus Prevents Your Devices From Botnet
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