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Both Norton and McAfee are the leading brands in this digital universe and give protection to the devices against cyber crime. The fame of these antivirus softwares is moving up globally, due to their more security enhancing technology and utilities, the users are in a fix to what to pick or what to reject. The competition of these antiviruses has reached on zenith and leaves no stone unturned to attract customers therefore it comes with numerous packages.

This post is going to cover a complete review of Norton and McAfee security software. Both of these software provide peace of mind to their customers in terms of cyber security. Thus, the users get the freedom to surf as much as they want. This is a detailed comparison between Norton and McAfee, and all the important aspects have been covered comprehensively into it so that, so that the task of opting one out of two leading antivirus becomes bit easy for you.

McAfee Antivirus Features

It comes with a bundle of useful features and some of the advanced antivirus features are given below. 

Parental Control: This feature helps parents in having the control on the devices and content enjoyed by their children. They can also prune content for their kids. Furthermore, the objectionable content can be blocked while surfing the websites and a number of hours can be set by parents for their kids. Thus, website can be filtered according to the age. 

Password Manager: Now, you can have strong password, you don’t need to have tension to remember this. This feature can store hundreds of password into its vault that can be accessed easily.

Firewall: It gives impenetrable shield to your system against all sorts of cyber threats and malicious programs. The best part of the firewall is that it is updated very often providing you complete peace of mind.

Optimization Tools: With the help of this tool, the junk which your system gets while surfing online can be deleted with ease. Thus, the performance of your system can be enhanced.   

Identity Protection: If you use McAfee antivirus security software, your online credential cannot be used or accessed by someone. It keeps your online identity in safe. 

Comparison of Norton and McAfee Antivirus

Norton Antivirus Features

Norton has numerous security packages for its customers and they can pick it according to their requirement. Norton antivirus plus is basic plan that offers many useful features and comes with one license for one computer.  It means it is very convenient for individual. 

Security Firewall: The firewall is one of the most important tools of Norton antivirus software that works as a guard and keeps an eye on incoming files and data to your system. If incoming data is harmful to your system, it can be blocked easily. The best part of firewall is that it alerts its users by displaying pop-up if downloaded content is unsafe.   

Ransomware Protection:  Your system cannot be a victim of ransomware attack because it can identify phishing websites with ease. Thus, ransomware cannot take control of your system remotely. 

Cloud Storage: Along with this package, the users can get 2 GB cloud data storage free. This feature is very useful incase if you want to keep a safe backup of your important files and data so that you can get them back if any disaster happens.

Password Manager: You do not need to have stress in terms of your password to remember. Both your online credential and password are in safe hand.


In terms of pricing, both these companies are having cutting edge competition and offering state of the art technology to its users and their price comparison is given below. 

A total protection package of McAfee for one device is available at $34.99, and it seems to be a bit expensive for one device, but as numbers of devices are increased, the cost of the plan decreases. If you add $ 5 more to the last plan, you can cover your five devices. For the ten devices you need to spend $ 44.99. 

Norton 360 standard is available at $39.99 for one device and it offers license for one year. If you have more devices, you go for Norton 360 deluxe that allows five PCs, smart phones, Macs or tablets that comes with $49.99. Norton products are also easy to download from Norton.Com/Setup website that can be accessed with simple credentials. On the basis of price, both are similar there is no big difference. So, there is no pricing-issue.  

Both Norton and McAfee are most sought-after companies in this tech era.  The system performance is similar in both cases. As far as the price is concerned, the McAfee is slightly cheaper as compare to Norton. While Norton is slightly better in technology as compare to McAfee.

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A Detailed Comparison of Norton and McAfee Antivirus
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