Recovery Of Norton Deleted Files

Norton antivirus is robust enough to protect your system against virus-like malware, Trojan, spyware, and many more. It creates a mask between your system and online criminals, Norton being so robust antivirus, sometimes; it deletes important files, folders, documents, pictures, from your system. As we know that Norton 360 or Install Norton Security are the renowned security products in this scenario. But sometimes, it does overdo, some important document gets deleted from your system. But it can be recovered using two modes which can be found in this post.

This trouble given by Norton antivirus security software to its users by deleting files and folders without getting their consent, but the good thing is this you can recover Norton deleted files using two modes which are given below.  

Retrieval Of Norton Deleted Files

This process can be performed in two ways either using restoring from Norton’s security history quarantine window or recovering with data software.  

Method 1: Using Restoration Function To Recover Norton Deleted Files

In general, as Norton finds files and programs which are suspected, at first it put these files in quarantine in your system; it is called Security History Quarantine. The files and the folders, which are quarantined somewhere in the system, cannot infect other programs of the computer. All these quarantined files or programs can be fetched back to their original place by following the below given steps.  

• You must start with Norton; thereafter you will find “advanced”.

• After that, you must click on “quarantine” which is available in the computer protection section and then open the security history window.

• As you open the security history Window, you will have complete list of quarantined files or programs which is right-click away to recover the file which you want. 

• In order to open threat detected Window, you must click on “options” and then click on “restore and exclude file or program” in order to open the quarantine restore window. 

• If you want these files and programs do not get scanned in the future you can select the “exclude this risk from future scans” and then click on “yes” button.  You must wait to note all those deleted files must be at its original place

If the first solution cannot meet your need, it means you cannot recover your deleted files, at this point, you must move to the next method. No need to be discouraged.   

Method 2: Using Data Recovery Tool To Recover Norton Deleted Files

This method is used if Norton’s security history quarantine section gets failed. It means the files and the programs which have been deleted by Norton security software cannot be recovered. In this case, you can move to use professional data recovery software.  EaseUS software is hard drive software that can help us to recover Norton deleted files and programs deleted by Norton antivirus software. The good thing is this EaseUS also works in retrieving deleted files by avast antivirus. 

EaseUS Data recovery wizard is used to recover files and folders deleted by antivirus security software, and it can be used to protect your files from being attacked by virus.

Norton antivirus provides invincible security to your system as well as data which is available in the system.  While protecting your system, sometime it overdoes and deletes its important files and programs which can be recovered with ease. So, by the above explained two methods you can easily recover Norton deleted files and you can also concern with expert team. 

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Learn How To Recover Norton Deleted Files In Two Ways
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