How Is Steganography Data Protected

Steganography is the art of hiding messages from the third person, in the present scenario, it is known as end-to-end encryption it means sending messages in a secured manner that should not be decrypted by someone unless you wish. Let’s find out the meaning of steganography, Stefanos is a Greek word that means hidden and graph, which gives a sense of writing, putting these words together gives the meaning of hidden writing or secret writing. In the age of technology, the importance of steganography has been increased to provide unreachable security to the data using applications, like steghide, Stegais, Xiao and concealment, etc. therefore, steganography data protected by Norton; Norton Setup With Product Key will help tech-users to protect their data from the lurking eyes.

Few Examples To Understand Steganography:

• The innovation keeps happening in steganography as time moves, the oldest evidence is found in 500BC which belongs to Histiaeus, the ruler of Miletus who got the head shaved and tattooed one of his slaves and let his hair grow back then sent him as a spy in the court of Aristagoras who was his son in law, outwitted his tricks, have the head of the slave shaved again thus, the truth was revealed.

• Later on, more modern techniques became a part of steganography, such as invisible inks that can be disclosed using fire. 

• Nowadays, steganography has been an important component of the digital world like a barcode.

Steganography V/S Crypto Graphy:

Many tech-users get confused to figure out the difference between steganography and cryptography, therefore here is a difference.  

Steganography and cryptography are the two sides of the same coin, and the steganography is used to hide the traces of communication whereas cryptography does not send information directly to the receiver, before sending information which is converted into ciphertext by executing an encryption algorithm, then it is sent to the receivers who decrypt the ciphertext into the simple text to make it readable.

Steganography Used By Cybercriminal:

The complete overview of steganography gives an impetus to the tech-users about using this skill in the wrong way.

Cybercriminals use Steganography as a digital tool in various forms, like hiding malicious scripts and payloads. Nowadays, malware developers come with better technology; therefore they use LSB steganography to conceal the code from malware's infamous songs and photos of celebrities. As the victim downloads them on their system it is transferred on devices with ease.

Powershell and bash scripts are used by attackers which are connected with excel and word documents, as victims click on them to open them, they get activated on the system automatically.   

Steganography is used by those hackers who are experts and want to breach the security of the computers. 

Last but not the least, Steganography is used not only by cybercriminals but also by tech-savvy in order to send sensitive messages.

A Few Recent Attack Of Steganography In A Nutshell:

1. In December 2018, malicious developers hide code in Twitter memes using steganography.

2. In October 2020, using steganography by hackers to target industrial enterprises by hiding malware downloaders. 

3. In February 2019, steganography is used for hiding malicious javascript code in fraud ad 

4. In august 2021, via clicking on a malicious email they had targeted in phishing more than one person at a time which was a part of steganography. This trick was the most successful compared to other tricks.

Ways To Detect Steganography:

The execution of steganalysis is done to detect steganography by using tools like steg expose and stegAlyze. In case your system is under the attack of anomalies files, a few of the users use hex viewers.

steganography data is protected by Norton because Norton antivirus is incorporated with the latest technology that can keep steganography at arm’s length from their systems with ease. Moreover, Norton is available in various plans as well so that the tech users can select their plans according to their needs.

According to experts’ views, steganography is the old modus operandi of cybercriminals to lay their trap to get their own benefits. But in the modern era, steganography data is protected by Norton antivirus software and is used by millions of people across the world because of its real-time protection feature.

The complete overview of steganography provides an idea that it can be used in two ways either harm someone or protect themselves from being hacked. But keeping the system away from the attack of steganography is a very challenging job for the tech users in this scenario. It is only possible if steganography data is protected by Norton.

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How Is Steganography Data Protected By Norton Simply?
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