Flubot and Teabot Malware

Of late, threat actors use advanced tricks to dupe tech-users to access their devices as well as login credentials, so they can convert received information into profitable deals. Last year, FluBot and TeaBot malware were discovered by Norton Antivirus Setup software which mainly targets Android phone users, because most of the phone users do their online activities such as doing their shopping, making online payments, buying apps, or many more activities. Threat actors use smishing and phishing to spread FluBot and TeaBot malware on devices, for example, something is bought online, cybercriminals will send you a text message and disguise themselves prominent logistic companies like DHL, UPS, FedEx or ask you to click on it, therefore, you can track your goods, as you click on it, your device gets infected by malware that will help them to steal data from your device. A large number of people become victims of such kinds of tricks. In order to avoid being trapped, using Norton becomes as one of the best ways to protect devices from FluBot and TeaBot malware.

What Are Flubot And Teabot Malware?

With the intention of spreading FluBot and TeaBot malware on devices, threats actors execute distribution campaigns using Smishing and mockups of prominent applications like crypto apps against android or computers users. Their core purpose is to steal banking as well as private and other financial credentials data of device users via using text messages, E-mails, ad- links from infected devices.

Teabot Campaigning Done By Targeting Apps

Most of the tech-users think the app which is available in the Google Play Store is safe rather is not malicious which is why it is available on Google Play Store. It is absolutely true but not all the time. Apps are found an in-app stores which are having many malicious links before coming into notice, are downloaded by thousands of people. The investigation was done by Norton antivirus, FluBot can be installed on devices without using any sorts of malicious SMS, and rather it can be installed via a banking bot that is already installed on the device, for example, TeaBot has been spread from the Google Play Store because people downloaded code reader or scanner app which had infected links, thus it has reached up to 100,000 devices within one month. Later on, by doing the investigation, people will come to know more than 17 variants of TeaBot malware have been spread.

As soon as the users starts using the Android app at the same time it also begins a background service that will search the country code of the present registered operator. In case a name of the country starts with U OR is unavailable, the app will not execute the malicious code, it means many countries like Uzbekistan, the US, Ukraine are skipped.

This data is collected by Norton antivirus software in terms of spreading TeaBot through the Google Play Store are given below:

• QR Scanner APK – 10,000 download

• Smart Cleaner – 1,000 downloads

• QR Code Scan – 10,000 download

• Weather Daily – 10,000 downloads

• Weather Cast – 10,000 downloads

Recently, Norton caught 2FA Authenticator which had a malicious dropper but before it could spread, it was caught. Therefore it could not infect as many numbers users.

Norton Antivirus Protect Us From Flubot And Teabot Malware

Norton is enabled with the latest features that can protect its users from the invasion of FluBot and TeaBot malware with ease. If you own an android mobile phone or device and want to protect yourself from such kind of virus, just provide a safeguard using Norton antivirus. Because it has many plans which vary from price to price and their features are different as well. Make sure that before subscribing to Norton antivirus; just go through its features like virus protection promise, password manager, anti-spyware, malware, and ransomware protection, device security for smartphone or tablet, secure VPN, and more features.

FluBot and TeaBot malware provide help to the threat actors who can exploit financial information to get monetary benefits. But Norton antivirus can provide a shield to your devices against these viruses. However, if you have any difficulty resolving this issue, you can get support from experts online who will resolve it in no time.

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Norton Protects Devices From Flubot And Teabot Malware
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