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In this digital life, most people spend their time on laptops, mobile phones, computers, and such devices. The number of tech-users is increasing day by day globally. As nothing is bereft of demerits, in the same way it has a few flaws which are created by notorious players of technology who are recognized as hackers or cyber criminals or cyberbullies. In order to protect the device or online identity or data from cyber criminals, there are many companies that have launched their antivirus but Norton is one of the best at this moment because it has millions of its users across the world. Norton boasts a bundle of sophisticated technology however, it has a few shortcomings one of the most common errors is the server error of Norton.

Once you receive the server error in the form of message on the screen of your computer, you will be forced to stop working or shut down your system willy-nilly. It becomes annoying and frustrating for the users. Unless you resolve this issue, you cannot continue your work. As a last resort, you will have to overcome this issue anyhow. In order to fix this issue, you must follow a few steps according to your device which is given below, that will help you overcome this issue with ease.

Steps To Resolve Norton Server Error for Windows

If you use a Windows computer, the server error is bound to occur on your device.  You can overcome this glitch by running Live Update. The steps here can help you resolve this glitch.

  • At first, you must start Norton.
  • Visit the Notification area and then press right button on the Norton icon, thereafter you must hit on “Run Live Update”.
  • As your Live Update on Norton is done, click on “OK”.
  • Run Live Update, until the message appears; now your Norton product is updated. After that, you must make an exit from all the programs. 
  • Last but not least; you will be prompted to restart your system.

Steps To Resolve Norton Server Error for MacOS

If you are Mac users, you must execute below-given steps that will lead you to make your system server error-free.

  • Firstly, sign in to Norton and move to the device security page.
  • The next step is to choose your device and erase it.
  • Then Click on “remove” in the remove device confirmation window, and tap on “done”
  • Now, you need to Activate Norton Setup.
  • You are supposed to start Norton, now you can click on “activate now” in the main window of Norton.
  • In the window of subscription, you need to enter your login credentials and click on “sign-in”.
  • As you click on “sign in”, there will be a lot of information about the subscription details on screen.
  • The product activation is possible with the help of an existing subscription; you can select the subscription and move ahead to click on “next”.
  • After that there will be instructions on the screen, you will be asked to complete the activation process.

Norton users must follow all the above-given steps very carefully if one mistake is done, it will be tough to overcome this server error. Still, if you have any issue in terms of this error, you can make a contact with the experts to get support. These people are having a lot of experience so they can resolve your issue in a minute.

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How To Fix Norton Server Error On Windows PC and MacOS
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