Fix Norton Error 2048

An increase in access to the internet and an increase in the cybercrime rate always go hand in hand. So to tackle with this cause many antiviruses are launched in the market every month claiming to provide impenetrable security to your devices, online data etc. Norton is one such antivirus developed by Norton.Com/Setup with affirming to give unbreachable shield to your device eventually it has stand up to the exceptions of the customers and now become the most reliable antivirus of the market. But as they no technological development is devoid of flaws. Despite being equipped with most innovative and advanced features, there are numerous errors which emanate in the form of code errors. One of the most familiar errors is Norton error 2048, 3 which is a runtime error and appears on the screen of the computer while installing security software.  This post is going to provide a tutorial step by step to find the solution to this error with ease. 

How To Recognize This Error

Every code error has a few symptoms that display as soon as your system gets this glitch. The following symptoms can guide you to recognize this error. 

  • Your system gets slower than usual.
  • System gets incompatible with peripheral devices like mouse and keyboard.
  • The computer gets shut down abruptly.
  • Active window gets corrupted. 
Fix Norton Error 2048

Causes Behind This Problem

A few of the causes are very important to understand so that Norton error 2048 can be resolved with ease. The following causes are given below.

  • Any undesirable antivirus software change gets windows registry corrupted.
  • Inadvertent deletion of Norton antivirus related files.
  • Malware and the virus can lead your system to this error.
  • Incomplete Installation of Norton Setup can be another cause of this error. 

Steps To Fix Norton Error 2048, 3 Quickly

Step 1- Repair Windows Registry Entries

The window registry can be repaired either manually or with software. But repairing manually is very easy if you have the experience, otherwise, it will create another error that will be more difficult to resolve. If you want to do it manually, get the help of the expert people who can guide you, after that, you can do it by yourself.  Many window registry software are available in the market that can repair window registry automatically.

Step 2: Restore Your Computer

The following steps of restoring your computer is given below that will help you fix Norton error 2048.

  • At first, tap on the “start” button.
  • After that, you will find a search box in which you type system restore and then click on the “enter”.
  • Now you need to select “system restore" option.
  • If you have any system password, you can type and enter.
  • Now, the onscreen steps will guide you to select a particular restore point.
  • And then, restore your system.

Step 3: Uninstall Graphics Driver

If the graphics of the system is not up to the mark, Norton error 2048 is bound to occur on your system. In this situation, the graphic driver must be uninstalled. The following steps need to be followed by you. 

  • The first step is to open the device manager, there after search for the graphics driver.
  • When you find it, right click and select  “uninstall".
  • Now you can restart your computer and check if this issue is resolved.

Step 4: Full Scanning Of Your Computer

In order to resolve this issue on your system, it is necessary to scan your system and makes your system free from virus-like malware. The virus can cause damage to your files or folders that can be one of the reasons to create Norton error 2048.

The information which is given above can be a good tutorial for the users to fix Norton error 2048 3. Despite making a good effort, you are unable to resolve this problem, get in touch with experts who are having an experience in taking care of these issues. 

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How To Fix Norton Error 2048, 3 Easily Within Minutes
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