Disable Norton Antivirus Pop-Ups

Norton Antivirus software not only keeps prying eyes out of the computer but also protects this device with utmost care. In this scenario, to protect online credentials without antivirus, it is next to impossible to make such a kind of imagination. Nowadays, online data has become so vulnerable that it can be compromised very easily by cybercriminals, cyberbullies etc. and new and novice tech users become sitting duck for these evil-minded persons.

In order to prevent online data from being compromised, Norton antivirus is going to be far better in the sphere of technology and evolved as one of the most prominent options. It has all sorts of sophisticated technology but some of the negative aspects of this antivirus cannot be refused. One of the most irritating issues is Norton Antivirus Pop-ups.

Norton antivirus uses pop-ups to message you about live updates background, performance alerts, intrusion prevention alerts and for other specific notifications. Pop-up notifications are very tough. It is very tedious and annoying when you are doing any kind of work, as pop-up appears on your system screen and takes time to get disappear. Fortunately, it comes with in-built options to disable that will help you to get rid of these irritating pop-up notifications.

Steps To Disable Norton Antivirus Pop Ups

This article is dedicated to cover pop up issue. With the aim of disabling the pop-up issue, there are a few essential steps, need to be followed by users which are furnished below and easy to understand. Thus, you will get rid of pop-ups.

  • Initially click on windows search box and then type in Norton antivirus, and then press enter.
  • Click “Settings” options and select the “General” tab.
  • Click Norton “Tasks” option, and then move to tap on the green colored bar to start Norton “Notification”.
  • Move to the “Special Offer Notifications” and pick the option to switch it off.
  • Go to click performance monitoring option, and go to network.
  • After that, click the option intrusion prevention, later on click on notification to switch it off.
  • Tech users can also click on apply key to remove Norton antivirus software pop-ups.
  • As a last resort, click the close key to exit Norton antivirus software.

The steps which have been explained in the article, and are going to help you resolve Norton pop-ups issue without making huge efforts thus  all the steps are designed to make an easy road to overcome this issue. If something is left and unfinished visit Norton.Com/Setup page for detailed information. You can also get the best assistance from technicians who have the expertise to encounter your issue. 

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How To Disable Norton Antivirus Pop-Ups On Windows PC
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