The Difference One Must Know Between Norton VS Kaspersky

Both Norton and Kaspersky are global leaders as well as competitors in this digital world. Their network is on the wax because the number of its users is increasing globally. Both this security software are putting their best efforts to save their customers from being victims of cybercrimes. Here post provides you with a detailed analysis of both the antivirus software Norton Vs Kaspersky, so that, it becomes easy for its users to buy their program that can fit their unique needs.

The Award-Winning Antivirus

Both are having sophisticated and user-friendly interface and great-features which produces better performance.

Comparison At A Glance

Let’s delve deep in what exactly each security software can offer you in its packages.

Norton’s Key Features

Norton is the name of the leading brand in this arena which is known for its innovative features across the globe. Its features can be maximized by installing Norton Setup With Product Key.

Password Manager

This tool helps you maintain a strong password and without the need of remembering it.

Smart Firewall

It gives unfailing protection to your devices against malware, ransomware, and many more online threats.


It can identify all sorts of viruses that have entered into your system and delete them with ease.

Safe Web Browsing

Under the protection of Norton, you can do surfing as much as you want and can be online without being stressed.

Cloud Backup 500 GB

It offers a good cloud back with 500 GB. Something which is downloaded or later on deleted from your system but it remains stored in cloud backup.

Secure VPN

If you have taken a plan from Norton, you can make the most of the VPN that provides you the freedom to do surfing and online shopping on public wi-fi without having stress.

Parental Control

Parents can have an eye on what their children are looking at on the internet remotely. They can choose the content for their kids, select websites for surfing, set screen time, and many more.

Kaspersky’s Key Features

At the initial level, it is one of the most suitable antiviruses for those who want to have immediate antivirus protection for free or cost almost nothing but it provides limited malware protection to your system. If comparing the firewall of Norton Vs Kaspersky antivirus, then Norton firewall is surely better than Kaspersky.

Endpoint Security

It provides endpoint security to your devices like mobile, computer, laptop, and so on.


It is good enough to keep you safe from phishing, malware, and malicious files.

Ransomware Protection

It can create a wall against viruses that looking forward to intrude on your system. One of the most common viruses is ransomware that can take control on your system. This antivirus keeps it at bay.

Silent Mode

At the time of watching movies, videos, games and many things which you like a lot. Many interventions want to interrupt your entertainment. With the help of this protection, you can get rid of notifications with ease.

Parental Control

It removes all the worries of the parent about if their kids are watching something not worth-watching according to their age. They can decide on the content, websites etc their child should watch.

File Shredder

Sensitive files cannot find the place in your system if file shredder is there.

Keylogger Protection

Your keystrokes cannot be tracked by hackers to steal your online credentials like your passwords and bank information etc.

Pricing & Compatibility

The policy of prices of Norton Vs Kaspersky is different from one another. Kaspersky starts alluring its users by giving free service for a certain period. Later on, it moves toward the paid protection, While Norton is paid from the beginning.  The cost of Norton anti-virus basic is $29.99 for one year for one PC while the cost of Kaspersky for one year for one PC is $39.99. Norton security standard is available at $39.99 for the first year for one PC, one mobile, or Mac. While Kaspersky's total security is available at $79.99 only for one device for one year.

Why Norton is leading over Kaspersky?

The competition between Norton Vs Kaspersky is very tough, and here are a few points which make Norton more prominent than Kaspersky.

• Norton is enabled with files backup but this feature is missing in Kaspersky

• Password manager of Norton is a unique feature.

• The virus protection which is given by Norton is 100 % promising.   

Both Norton Vs Kaspersky is promising antivirus in this field of data protection and have come up with their different plans to attract the customers.  In terms of getting rid of malware, Norton antivirus has an edge on Kaspersky. While Kaspersky is better in terms of spyware than Norton and the prices are almost similar without any big difference. On the whole, Norton‘s performance is better than Kaspersky.

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The Difference One Must Know Between Norton VS Kaspersky
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