Norton Security Deluxe

Norton antivirus is an anti-malware software product designed by Symantec Corporation. The software has been in the industry for 30 long years now but was just revamped by the developers in April 2019. Its Norton Security Deluxe package is one of its high-end and flagship security software that has been making malware detection easier for the common man. Norton’s security deluxe package has been marked as the ‘best choice’ by many analysts mainly due to its easy installation from Norton.Com/Setup page, high detection scores, a large selection of security features and the overall value for money that it provides.

Malware Detection

Norton’s security deluxe comes with a 97 percent malware and virus detection rate which is pretty high. Even if the software is not able to stop a virus from entering your system, it is eventually detected in the regular system scans that are scheduled based on the user’s preference. Once detected, the infected files are permanently blocked.

Norton Security Deluxe

Apart from this, when it comes to blocking and detecting threats from the internet, the deluxe package does a tremendous job. As compared to other anti-virus software like Trend Micro and BitDefender, Norton’s Deluxe package won the race. While connected to the internet, Norton benefits from the online database of malware that increases the overall virus and malware detection ability.


As compared to its Norton standard security, the Norton security deluxe comes with a number of user licenses and is also compatible with mobile devices which makes it ideal for individuals that want to keep all the devices at home protected. Once bought, Norton Setup can be installed on a maximum of three or five devices including desktop computers, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. The number of devices depends on the package you buy.

Firewall and Software Updates

The system comes with a personal firewall that includes a number of tools to scan the instant messages, emails and USB drives on all the compatible devices, rendering any viruses of malware useless. The best feature of the deluxe package is a remote connection to your PC. In case, your device is compromised, the software has the ability to connect to your system remotely to restore it.

Apart from this, the anti-virus program keeps a check on all the installed software on your laptop. Outdated software can make your device vulnerable to hackers and ransom ware. Hence, the software apart from keeping itself updated keeps other software in the system updated as well.


  • It can be used to secure more than one device which adds to the user’s convenience.
  • You can Install Norton on other devices with same product key.
  • Has a personal firewall that can connect to the online malware database.
  • Can access PCs remotely in case they are compromised.


  • Since it runs on the device 24/7, a considerable amount of RAM needs to be allocated to it.

Final Verdict

Thanks to the personal firewall and added parental controls this anti-virus software is ideal for families who want to keep all their devices protected from the ever increasing number of malware.

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Norton Security Deluxe Full UK Review with Pros and Cons
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