The data breach is not a new thing in this tech arena; data has become so vulnerable and can be breached by online criminals with minimal effort. Cybercriminals are more advanced than tech users. Every now and then, they come with their new tricks to trap innocent, as well as experts who have vast experience in technology. In 2019, Chinese hackers breached the data of Doctors and Patients, as many as 68 lakhs, and provided it available on the dark web. That data was sold on the dark web. If data of companies are stolen by hackers, the business affair of the companies can lead to the way of disaster and almost will be collapsed.

In today’s scenario, while being users of the technology, we have to provide a lot of data or personal information to the companies. In general, the users place their trust in companies and provide our information to the companies if given data is stolen by hackers or cyber criminals; they can prepare a road to your account and make you bankrupt. Sometimes, it becomes an unavoidable situation. The users become victims of cybercriminals.

Many tech users still get confused and are unable to calculate the risk which they have to face due to losing data. If you want to avoid being bluffed by hackers, the users need to have a better understanding, and the implementation of understanding will keep the door shut for the hackers.

Define Data Breach

Companies have data of their customers if once hackers get access to the internal network of the companies, accessing the data of companies becomes a game of child for them. The data which can be targeted by hackers including credit card or debit cards, social security number, name, age, email address, passwords, physical addresses, and so on. This information can be used by cybercriminals in order to get monetary benefits which are possible in many ways.

How To Save Your Data From Being Compromised

Protecting online data is not a piece of cake for the companies, as well as tech users. Despite making their best effort, it seems to be impossible to keep your data safe from prying eyes. For the purpose of saving your data, numerous antivirus are available that can create a wall between your data and cybercriminal with ease. Install Norton Antivirus is one of the best antiviruses which has millions of customers globally due to its unfailing technology.

Tips That Can Help You To Avoid Being Trapped By Hackers


It means Virtual Private Network that gives protection to your online data. it can give you the freedom to do online shopping at public Wi-Fi, and the data which is provided by you at the mall or airport to purchase tickets is not going to be stolen by cybercriminals.

Using Firewall

Firewall is a unique feature that can keep your system as well as network safe from hackers. It keeps an eye on either network incoming or outgoing. If someone wants to breach the network of your system, it can be neutralized at the initial stage.

Using Password Manager

With the help of password manager, hackers cannot access your password otherwise within a snap of fingers they can avail your password. if you use password manager, you do not need to remember it, since it is automatically managed by password manager.

The tips which have been explained above will guide you to overcome data breach issues, mostly; people face this issue in the current arena. If you need more information, you can visit the official website of Norton will help you a lot.

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Information To Know About Data Breach And Its Solution
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