Comparison Of Norton And Microsoft Firewall

Technology is used in full swing across the world therefore every now and then; new gadgets or devices are rolled into the market by companies to make our life smoothly. But all modern advanced devices and gadgets need protection as well against online threats which can be controlled remotely using virus-like malware, spyware, ransomware, etc. taking the security of the devices into consideration, we must focus on its security otherwise the tech-users can be bankrupt with ease. You can go through the Norton security service for a better option for your device at Norton.Com/Setup. Most of the users are having two options to use either Norton or Microsoft firewall to keep unauthorized attacks away from your device. In order to use these firewalls, one must know the comparison of Norton and Microsoft firewall to save one’s devices against online criminals.

What Is Microsoft Firewall?

Microsoft firewall blocks unsolicited traffic and hackers on your devices while it allows only authorized traffic to pass. Microsoft firewall monitors the inbound traffic on your system rather it does not keep an eye on outbound traffic from your PC to another device via the internet. The good thing about the Microsoft firewall is that it is free.

What Is Norton Firewall?

Norton firewall is a part of the antivirus which monitors inbound or outbound traffic on your devices like computers, laptops, android phones, i-phones, Mac, and Ios. It can keep all the suspicious attacks away from your devices. The best features of the Norton firewall are that it can detect unauthorized intrusions on your system, and it can close all the unused network ports which are used by online criminals to access your devices. The open port of the network gives helps cybercriminals access your system.

Drawbacks Of Firewalls

A firewall is known as the first line of defense against attackers. Antivirus software is also enabled with a firewall that can create a mask against virus-like malware that can infect your system. Make sure that you should not run two firewalls at the same time because it can also block legitimate traffic that can create problems for you. Sometimes, one firewall also blocks legitimate traffic as well. But this issue can be resolved manually by you with ease. You can also look at which firewall is best in this comparison of Norton and Microsoft firewall tells you which one is prominent.

What Consequences Faced By The Users If A Firewall Is Disabled?

As we know a firewall is one of the most important features of Microsoft and Norton antivirus which not only monitors but also protects your devices from the invasion of attackers. If you disable the firewall, it means you give an opportunity to the hackers to execute malicious code on your devices. It is very similar to a house without gatekeepers. If you do so, you want to make your business vulnerable which can be dangerous for you. As per your requirement, you can comparison of Norton and Microsoft firewalls to save your devices against online threats.

Uses Of Two Firewalls

Most enterprises or organizations use two sorts of firewalls one is installed on your system which is known as a software firewall or second is a hardware firewall that is integrated into your router that can block the open ports that can restrict unauthorized attacks coming via LAN. Hardware firewall not only protects your system which comes via the network while software monitors the traffic going out from your system as well.

Alternatives Of Firewall

The main work of the firewall is to monitor and control incoming or outgoing traffic on your devices. But the issues are generated when a few of the applications or services require internet access. In order to enable all the programs, we have to leave the ports open which is possible without turning off the firewall altogether. Taking this issue into consideration, some applications use a pre-defined port or wide range of ports whereas other uses to configure ports the software use.

Norton firewall is far better than micro software firewall because it monitors both incoming and outgoing traffic of your system, while micro software creates a wall only for incoming traffic. Therefore, Norton firewall gives an edge over micro software firewall.

The comparison of Norton and Microsoft firewall is essential to know for the users so that they can decide which one can provide invincible security to their devices. But Norton is leading over micro software firewall due to its advanced technology which is missing in a micro software firewall.

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Comparison Of Norton Firewall And Microsoft Firewall
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