Comparison Between Norton Vs Quick Heal

Oodles of antivirus software are available on the market to protect your devices against online threats. Most of the users get confused to pick the best one that can cater to their needs. In comparison between Norton Vs Quick Heal, both are the most prominent antivirus software that has been covered, and their differences which the users must know before subscribing to any plan. Norton is America based company and has users all over the world, but Quick Heal is an Indian company that is not as much renowned as Norton. Both companies have the age of more than 25 years and provide digital security to your devices against viruses, malware, and so on. Norton is subscribed online but Quick Heal is available both offline and online.

Differences Between Norton Vs Quick Heal

• Norton is enabled with automatic updates, which allows its software downloaded and installed without letting its user know and boot-time scans, whereas these features are not added to Quick Heal.

• In terms of the payment system, Norton does not give rope to its customers; it is very strict and provides no option to change its plan. Rather Quick Heal gives an opportunity to its customer to switch its plant if they want to get another one.

• The password manager of Norton gives an edge over Quick Heal; therefore, hackers or online criminals cannot access the password of Norton users. On the other hand, the use of Quick Heal is not enabled with the password manager.

• VPN stands for the virtual private network is the main feature of Norton antivirus software which allows its users to use public Wi-Fi to do online payment or surfing without being panicked, whereas Quick Heal is not incorporated with this feature.

• The real-time threat protection of Norton antivirus software is a leading feature that is missing in Quick Heal.

• The Norton and the Quick Heal are incorporated with a firewall which can neutralize the attack on the network as well as system thus your data cannot be accessed by hackers or cybercriminals.

• The Norton and the Quick Heal are enabled with parental control that gives protection to your kids’ online activities in your absence.

Norton Setup is designed to protect your system from spyware, malware, ransomware, and viruses; rather Quick Heal is not as robust as Norton antivirus software.

• Safecam for PC is one of the unique features of Norton while this is not available in Quick Heal.

• Quick Heal accepts debit and credit cards but Norton does not accept them, in this point of view, Quick Heal is more payment friendly that Norton.

Price Comparisons Between Norton And Quick Heal Antivirus

Price Of Norton Antivirus

The price of the Norton antivirus is based on a number of devices. Norton has many programs including Norton antivirus basic which is available for $59.99 that covers only one plan or Norton security standard covers the security of one device is $84.99, or Norton security deluxe can give the protection of three devices at the cost of $94.99, and Norton security premium gives the protection for 10 devices at the cost of $124, and these all are annual subscription.

Price Of Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick Heal antivirus has many programs and their prices depend on the program including Quick Heal antivirus pro costs $29.53, and the price of Quick Heal internet security is $39.34, the Quick Heal antivirus total security is available at $73.83. Please note these subscriptions are only for one year.

The Norton antivirus security software is leading over Quick Heal, most of the features of Norton antivirus are robust than Quick heal. By way of going through a comparison between Norton Vs Quick Heal, you can find answers to most of your questions. If you need more information about this comparison, you can get tech support which is available around the clock.

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Head To Head Comparison Between Norton Vs Quick Heal
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