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Cyber threats are ubiquitous in the tech scenario none of the devices is away from it. Every now and then, devices are rolled out on the market with their robust technology and Chromebook is one of them. It is said about this device is this security is far better than other contemporary devices because it does not give any loophole to the online criminals to access, is enabled with the most advanced technology which is enough strong to prevent it from being the invasion of online criminals. Nonetheless, many cyber experts say that none of the devices is completely secured from virus-like, spyware, Trojan, phishing, data breach, and many more. It is also akin to the same devices, it also needs security given by antivirus. At present, oodles of antivirus security software are available on the market, but Norton.Com/Setup is one the best security software for Chromebook, and for more information can be obtained from here regarding Norton.

Why Is Chromebook So Robust Against Malware?

Chromebook is incorporated with many cutting-edge features, and one of its renowned features is this it does not support.exe files that are known to giving a gateway to the malware, and this file cannot run on this device. Therefore, Chromebook is free from malware attacks.

Apart from this feature, Chromebook is enabled with many features, like sandboxing that provides limited space to webpage or application to run so that it cannot infect other pages and applications or another part of your system, data encryption allows you to have access to the data and other people cannot access from a different account, automatic update is done without any prior information which is an admirable feature, developer mode can be disabled, and so on. 

Can Chromebook Be Infected With Malicious Code?

Yes, drawbacks of Chromebook have been reported by its users that can help cybercriminals compromise your device like – Google play store, together with chrome book play store is enabled with many unregulated apps that can be an ideal way to provide access to virus on your device, data–stealing phishing sites, unsecured public Wi-Fi, website, trackers, scam android apps, browser cleanup, and so on.

With a view to keeping the device off the virus, to find security software for chromebook has been imperative to download the antivirus security software for chromebook, Norton has been one of the most deserving antivirus software for chromebook, and here are a few steps which are mandatory to be followed by the chromebook users.

• As we know that Chromebook comes with unique features which does not mean it does not support antivirus protection. One can install antivirus applications effortlessly from the Google Play store app, similarly as we do for android devices. 

• First and foremost, you will go to open Google Play Store.

• After that, you will search the list of antivirus applications, as you find Norton, you will tap on Norton to install which is available beside the app’s icon. 

• Lastly, the app will be installed on Chromebook. 

The information which is provided above in terms of installing process of security software for chromebook will fulfill your purpose.

Security software for Chromebook is essential to protect the device from the virus. Even though this device is enabled with sophisticated features, yet security software can be installed on it.  If you need more information regarding Chromebook, you can get support from experts who can help you remotely. 

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Protect Your Chromebook With Norton Antivirus Software
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